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TPS23754-1 - 产品图解:
TPS23754-1-IEEE 802.3at PoE 接口和隔离式转换控制器
TI产品 - TPS23754-1介绍
TPS23754-1 - IEEE 802.3at PoE 接口和隔离式转换控制器

TPS23754-1是TI公司的一款有源器件产品,TPS23754-1是IEEE 802.3at PoE 接口和隔离式转换控制器,本页介绍了TPS23754-1的产品说明、应用、特性等,并给出了与TPS23754-1相关的TI元器件型号供参考。

TPS23754-1 - IEEE 802.3at PoE 接口和隔离式转换控制器 - 有源器件 - 以太网供电(PoE)/LAN解决方案 - TI公司(Texas Instruments,德州仪器)

  • Powers up to 30-W (Input) PDs
  • DC-DC Control Optimized for Isolated Converters
  • Supports High-Efficiency Topologies
  • Complete PoE Interface
  • Enhanced Classification per IEEE 802.3at With Status Flag
  • Adapter ORing Support
  • Programmable Frequency With Synchronization
  • Robust 100-V, 0.5-Ω Hotswap MOSFET
  • –40°C to 125°C Junction Temperature Range
  • Industry Standard PowerPAD™ HTSSOP-20
  • IEEE 802.3at Compliant Devices
  • Video and VoIP Telephones
  • RFID Readers
  • Multiband Access Points
  • Security Cameras

The TPS23754 and TPS23756 devices have a combined power-over-ethernet (PoE), powered-device (PD) interface, and current-mode DC-DC controller optimized specifically for isolated converters. The PoE interface supports the IEEE 802.3at standard.

The TPS23754 and TPS23756 support a number of input voltage ORing options including highest voltage, external adapter preference, and PoE preference. These features allow the designer to determine which power source will carry the load under all conditions.

The PoE interface features the new extended hardware classification necessary for compatibility with high-power midspan power sourcing equipment (PSE) per IEEE 802.3at. The detection signature pin can also be used to force power from the PoE source off. Classification can be programmed to any of the defined types with a single resistor.

The DC-DC controller features two complementary gate drivers with programmable dead time. This simplifies the design of active-clamp forward converters or optimized gate drive for highly-efficient flyback topologies. The second gate driver may be disabled if desired for single MOSFET topologies. The controller also features internal soft start, bootstrap start-up source, current-mode compensation, and a 78% maximum duty cycle. A programmable and synchronizable oscillator allows design optimization for efficiency and eases use of the controller to upgrade existing power supply designs. Accurate programmable blanking, with a default period, simplifies the usual current-sense filter design trade-offs.

The TPS23754 device has a 15-V converter start-up while the TPS23756 device has a 9-V converter start-up. The TPS23754-1 replaces the PPD pin with a no-connect for increased pin spacing.

TPS23754HTSSOP (20)6.50 mm × 4.40 mm
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