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DS3691 - 产品图解:
DS3691-具有三态输出的 RS-422/RS-423 线路驱动器
TI产品 - DS3691介绍
DS3691 - 具有三态输出的 RS-422/RS-423 线路驱动器

DS3691是TI公司的一款无产品,DS3691是具有三态输出的 RS-422/RS-423 线路驱动器,本页介绍了DS3691的产品说明、应用、特性等,并给出了与DS3691相关的TI元器件型号供参考。

DS3691 - 具有三态输出的 RS-422/RS-423 线路驱动器 - 无 - RS-422收发器 - TI公司(Texas Instruments,德州仪器)


The DS3691 is a low power Schottky TTL line driver designed to meet the requirements of EIA standards RS-422 and RS-423. It features 4 buffered outputs with high source and sink current capability with internal short circuit protection. A mode control input provides a choice of operation either as 4 single-ended line drivers or 2 differential line drivers. A rise time control pin allows the use of an external capacitor to slow the rise time for suppression of near end crosstalk to other receivers in the cable. Rise time capacitors are primarily intended for waveshaping output signals in the single-ended driver mode. Multipoint applications in differential mode with waveshaping capacitors is not allowed.

With the mode select pin low, the DS3691 are dual-differential line drivers with TRI-STATE outputs. They feature ±10V output common-mode range in TRI-STATE mode and 0V output unbalance when operated with ±5V supply.


  • Dual RS-422 Line Driver with Mode Pin Low, or Quad RS-423 Line Driver with Mode Pin High
  • TRI-STATE Outputs in RS-422 Mode
  • Short Circuit Protection for Both Source and Sink Outputs
  • Outputs Will Not Clamp Line with Power Off or In TRI-STATE
  • 100Ω Transmission Line Drive Capability
  • Low ICC and IEE Power Consumption
    • RS-422: ICC = 9 mA/driver Typ
    • RS-423: ICC = 4.5 mA/driver Typ
    • I EE = 2.5 mA/driver Typ
  • Low Current PNP Inputs Compatible with TTL, MOS and CMOS
  • Pin Compatible with AM26LS30

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