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UC1823 - 产品图解:
UC1823-高速 PWM 控制器
TI产品 - UC1823介绍
UC1823 - 高速 PWM 控制器

UC1823是TI公司的一款PWM与谐振控制器产品,UC1823是高速 PWM 控制器,本页介绍了UC1823的产品说明、应用、特性等,并给出了与UC1823相关的TI元器件型号供参考。

UC1823 - 高速 PWM 控制器 - PWM与谐振控制器 - 离线隔离型DC/DC控制器和转换器 - TI公司(Texas Instruments,德州仪器)


The UC1823 family of PWM control ICs is optimized for high frequency switched mode power supply applications. Particular care was given to minimizing propagation delays through the comparators and logic circuitry while maximizing bandwidth and slew rate of the error amplifier. This controller is designed for use in either current-mode or voltage-mode systems with the capability for input voltage feed-forward.

Protection circuitry includes a current limit comparator, a TTL compatible shutdown port, and a soft start pin which will double as a maximum duty cycle clamp. The logic is fully latched to provide jitter free operation and prohibit multiple pulses at the output. An under-voltage lockout section with 800mV of hysteresis assures low start up current. During under-voltage lockout, the output is high impedance. The current limit reference (pin 11) is a DC input voltage to the current limit comparator. Consult specifications for details.

These devices feature a totem pole output designed to source and sink high peak currents from capacitive loads, such as the gate of a power MOSFET. The on state is defined as a high level.


  • Compatible with Voltage or Current-Mode Topologies
  • Practical Operation @ Switching Frequencies to 1.0MHz
  • 50ns Propagation Delay to Output
  • High Current Totem Pole Output (1.5A peak)
  • Wide Bandwidth Error Amplifier
  • Fully Latched Logic with Double Pulse Suppression
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting
  • Soft Start/Max. Duty Cycle Control
  • Under-Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis
  • Low Start Up Current (1.1mA)
  • Trimmed Bandgap Reference (5.1V ±1%)

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