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ONET8501V - 产品图解:
ONET8501V-具有输出波形整形的 11.3Gbps 差动 VCSEL 驱动器
TI产品 - ONET8501V介绍
ONET8501V - 具有输出波形整形的 11.3Gbps 差动 VCSEL 驱动器

ONET8501V是TI公司的一款激光驱动器产品,ONET8501V是具有输出波形整形的 11.3Gbps 差动 VCSEL 驱动器,本页介绍了ONET8501V的产品说明、应用、特性等,并给出了与ONET8501V相关的TI元器件型号供参考。

ONET8501V - 具有输出波形整形的 11.3Gbps 差动 VCSEL 驱动器 - 激光驱动器 - 光纤模块IC - TI公司(Texas Instruments,德州仪器)


The ONET8501V is a high-speed, 3.3V laser driver designed to directly modulate VCSELs at data rates from 2 Gbps up to 11.3 Gbps.

The device provides a two-wire serial interface which allows digital control of the modulation and bias currents, eliminating the need for external components. Output waveform control, in the form of cross point control and independent over- and undershoot capability on the rising and falling edges is also available to improve VCSEL edge speeds and the optical eye diagram. An optional input equalizer can be used for equalization of up to 300mm (12 inch) of microstrip or stripline transmission line on FR4 printed circuit boards.

The ONET8501V includes an integrated automatic power control (APC) loop as well as circuitry to support laser safety and transceiver management systems. The VCSEL driver is characterized for operation from -40°C to 85°C ambient temperatures and is available in a small footprint 4mm × 4mm 20 pin RoHS compliant QFN package.


  • Up to 11.3 Gbps Operation
  • 2-Wire Digital Interface
  • Digitally Selectable Modulation Current up to 24 mApp Differential
  • Digitally Selectable Bias Current up to 20 mA
  • Automatic Power Control (APC) Loop
  • Supports Transceiver Management System (TMS)
  • Programmable Input Equalizer
  • Output Waveform Control
  • Includes Laser Safety Features
  • Analog Temperature Sensor Output
  • Selectable Monitor Photodiode Current Range
  • Output Polarity Select
  • Single 3.3V Supply
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Surface Mount Small Footprint 4mm × 4mm 20 Pin RoHS compliant QFN Package
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